Sky is the Limit INC

Enable Equity in STEM Education

California has many high performing schools in the state. Many of these kids have a range of private tutoring and extracurricular classes that help them exceed in schools and college readiness. However, some very underfunded schools that don't have as many resources. These students are filled with big dreams. Yet they face underfunding, low teacher salaries and retention, and overwhelming socioeconomic challenges. These issues lead to school performance that lags that of neighboring school districts, resulting in an uneven playing field and a community that under-leverages some of our best talents.


 Vision:  Drive Equity in Science Technology Engineering Maths Education. 


Mission: Sky is the Limit aims to bridge the gap by providing equitable Academic and Enrichment Opportunities for students of underrepresented backgrounds . 

Our ultimate goal is to be the change we wish to see in the world” by taking concrete actions at the ground level to empower underserved students to realize their dreams.


How are we different? 

We’re untraditional!

Sky is the limit is made of High School and College student volunteers. We support the promotion and development of STEM education for underserved students through extracurricular and summer programs taught by student volunteers. We also build online contents and one-on-one online mentoring programs to keep our peers engaged and interested in STEM subjects.