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The Full Story


Student run non-profit that provides programs and services to support underfunded schools and fosters student learning and personal development. 

Drive Equity in STEM Education


Our goal is to be the change we wish to see in the world” by taking concrete actions at the ground level to empower underserved students to realize their dreams.

How are we different?

Sky is the limit is run by High School student volunteers. We support the promotion and development of STEM education for our peers in underfunded schools through extracurricular and summer programs taught by student volunteers. We also build online contents and one-on-one online mentoring programs to keep our peers engaged and interested in STEM subjects.

Founder's Note
Aareev Panda

During pandemic, when access to education became a privilege for the society, a young scout of Palo Alto, an 8th grader at Ellen Fletcher Middle School recognized the need to to bring equity in STEM education for the local underfunded schools of the society. Jan 2021, SKY IS THE LIMIT was founded. Idea was to create a a youth-led initiative with my peers, to share our love of STEM with underfunded schools of society. In the first 3 months, i supported 4 classrooms, 20+ students and 5+ teachers. My STEM blogs had 500+ Views. Looking at the demand for my services from STEM educators, i wanted to officially register the non-profit. And the journey of Equity in STEM education began...

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