My Music Journey

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

My music journey began with me being gifted an acoustic guitar when I was 5 years old. I didn't know what to do with it. I eventually started strumming and from the other room, my parents thought it was noise pollution! Soon after, I was enrolled into acoustic guitar lessons and learned how to play many basic songs. I even made a song myself with a mixture of music I learned to play. Here is a video of me with my Music Teacher Bob.


One day suddenly I heard my guitar teacher passed away due to heart attack. I was 7 at the time, and didn't understand loss, but still felt like I was missing something. This led to my parents signing me up for "The School of Rock." I was put into a band with other kids my age, and we performed in front of the city after days of practice. I was anxious at that age, but having this chance to play in front of people really built up my confidence. Hearing all the different instruments come together to form wonderful songs inspired me to continue playing guitar.

Of course this did take many months of practicing with the group until what started with a garbled sounding mess, turned into a well coordinated band. This experience also drew me to a new genre of music.


As I grew into my teenage years I was gravitated towards classical music and I wanted to try classical guitar. It was very difficult to find classical guitarist. They are rare. After several months of research I found a teacher who could introduce me to whole new world of classical music. He does performances all over country and even invited me to join him. But alas covid! My journey with music continues with ABRSM exam preparation and learning Music Theory.

I believe music helps you to focus, relax, calm and do well school academics as well. Come join my 30 minutes - Intro to music classes. I can introduce you to several genres of Guitar from Acoustic, to Rock Electric Guitar to Classical Guitar and we can strum and jam together!

Update (post COVID-19) Completed ABRSM EXAM. Here is snippet.

And i am joining a local band to continue sharing my love of music with others!

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